18 Dec Poetry Competition Winners!

The FutureZone Poetry Competition
Each year, our year 6 children take part in the FutureZone Poetry Competition. Over the course of a term, the children study a number of poems in class and carefully form responses to them. At the end of this course, the children write their own poems to enter into the competition. Every school that takes part has their own winner who receives a prize in a special ceremony. In addition to this, each year, there is one overall winner – who is named the FutureZone ‘Poet Laureate’.
Three of our children were singled out for special praise this year; Kezia Buzzard, Martha Mills, and Neeve Razin. (You can read their remarkable entries below).
We are delighted to tell you that this year, out of 480 entries, Kezia  is the overall winner and new FutureZone Poet Laureate!
As always, we are so proud of the children and really happy for the three who received special recognition!

At the Funeral.

A granny didn’t want to be called granny.
“I’m not old enough” she said .
As she spoke, her gold tooth glinted
And her bun shook at the top of her head.

We rode Grey Wing and Orange Peel,
Branches that bent
In the
Moss-covered den of her garden,
Where free days of my childhood were spent.

Everything in that house had a story.
She told me why The Last Nappy was on the wall
And about the stolen gargoyle in the garden
But not why there was a green and gold tie
Hanging from the tree.

By Kezia Buzzard

What is a Shadow?

A friend that is not really there,
Your one guardian angel,
A mirror that never stops,
A creature in its self.

Tall and small,
A reflector,
In and out of you,
Where does it go?
It is there then it is not.

The suns master,
Bowing down,
Surrounding you day or night,
There winter or summer.

Swallowing you up,
It never dies,
Hiding in the darkness,
Never feeling or fearing.

There my shadow lay,
Only the darkness to keep it company,
It’s alone and just lying there
This isn’t my shadow,
Where has it gone?

Martha Mills

 Dreams are my Reality

I lie in bed and close my eyes,
Then forms a world with purple skies,
With forests vast and smiling streams,
The wonderful world of my dreams.

I travel past the icy caves,
Sail through the shimmering waves,
Birds sing as the sun beams,
The wonderful world of my dreams.

A shell shines on the ground,
I pick it up and it plays an enchanting sound,
In my hand it glows and gleams
The wonderful world of my dreams

But then my dream starts to change,
I see towering mountains and creatures strange,
Replacing the bird’s songs are dreadful screams,
The horrible world of my dreams.

Suddenly the shell shakes in warning
It warns me of this place, with no night or morning,
With no vast forests, no smiling streams,
The horrible world of my dreams.

As I start to cower in fear,
A creature creeps up, getting near,
I run and run and the earth starts to quake,
But just as it reaches me, I begin to wake.

As my eyes open, I can feel something in my hand,
The shell, the shell from my dream land,
I look closely at how it is fashioned,
And I begin to wonder… has my dream actually happened?

By Neeve Razin

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