12 Jan REOPENED Club Applications – A small number of spaces still available



Dear Mums, Dads, and Carers,

Please click on the link above if you would like to apply for the following clubs that still have some spaces available:
Monday: Badminton, Newspaper Club
Thursday: Boys Footie, Tag Rugby
Friday: Chess


The following guidelines apply to all clubs:

  1. Places will be offered as fairly as possible, taking into account, for example, special circumstances (e.g. those who previously failed to get into an oversubscribed club), the number of clubs applied for, the child, applications returned after the date below, etc.
  2. Please assume that your child has a place in the Club/s and can attend unless you hear otherwise from me on Friday.
  3. All Clubs will run every week whatever the weather. Rare cancellations may occur if coaches (and replacement coaches!) are unavailable.
  4. If your child IS allowed to walk home by him/herself you MUST have completed the ‘home alone form’ to give your permission. If you have already completed one this year, there is no need to do so again. The forms can be found in the school office.
  5. If you are collecting your child it is very important that they are collected promptly, as there will be no-one available at school to look after the children after 4.30pm. Please wait for them on the pavement outside the gates and an adult will send your child out to you.
  6. We can arrange for your child to be taken to After School Club (i.e. at the Whittington Park Community Centre) when Clubs finish. Please choose this option on the online form.
  7. Please, please contact me directly if you have any questions or suggestions about any aspect of Club Yerbury.


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