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We have two Year 2 classes; 2P and 2A.

Year 2 Staff
2P: Marcus Phillips (Class Teacher),  Katherine Court (Support staff) 
2A: Rina Akahane (Class teacher), Sandra Kasenzi (Support staff)

Classroom Location
2A: On the first floor, just off the Middle Hall, on the right-hand-side as you look from the playground.
2P: On the first floor, to the right as you come up the stairs that are on the right of the building as you approach with the playground behind you.

Parent-Teacher Times
Marcus and Rina hold regular times when they will be available to see you without an appointment. If you would like see them then just drop in.

2P: Monday 3:45pm – 4:15pm
2A: Monday 3:45pm – 4:15pm

If meeting at these times is not convenient for you then please contact the school office to arrange an appointment.

Autumn: London

Spring: Rainforest

Summer: Puppets

P.E/Dance (Days)

We try to do exercise every day – if not P.E or Dance, then the Daily Mile. Please make sure your child comes to school in suitable footwear and clothing to run in each day as children will not be changing for PE/Daily Mile sessions.

P.E day & Dance day: please refer to the class letter you receive at the beginning of term

School Visits – Classes usually organise trips linked to their topics. Please read the Weekly Update

Class assemblies or Special Events – Each class usually does 3 class or year group events a year which parents are encouraged to attend. Please keep a look out in the Weekly Update for dates

Water bottles/Lunchboxes –

All children must bring in a water bottle, clearly labelled with their name. These will be used by the children throughout the day, so please try and ensure that they are able to open these independently. These will be sent home each afternoon for cleaning and refilling for the following day. Please encourage your child to take responsibility for remembering their water bottle every day.

Those children who are bringing a packed lunch should bring this in a small container, ideally a lunch box, as these will be stored within the classroom. Please also ensure your child is able to open the box and any food packages and containers, particularly flasks, independently. We are a healthy eating school, so lunches should be nutritious and balanced, with no junk food items and no fizzy or sugary drinks. Nuts and foods containing nuts are strictly prohibited.



Spellings will be handed out on Fridays but we are not expecting children to return them to us. They will be expected to learn the spelling through the sheet and practise online, using ‘Spelling Shed’, which will be assigned and monitored. These spellings will be assessed in class during the following week.

PACT Bags/Show and tell

Please make sure that your child brings in their PACT bag on their reading day every week. We will provide bags for children new to the school. On Fridays, they will have Show and Tell day where we encourage them to bring in something from home to talk about in front of the class.

Spelling and Handwriting
You can find a list of spellings and handwriting guidance appropriate to your child’s year-group by clicking Spelling & Handwriting.

Maths and English Curriculum Objectives
Click on THIS LINK to learn more about the Maths and English (Speaking, Reading and Writing) Objectives that are taught from Year 1 to Year 6.
Here is a link to a handy TIMES TABLES GRID and advice.

Maths – Fluency & recall facts – Year2keyrecallfacts

Year 2 Curriculum Map
CLICK HERE for more information about our curriculum.

Statutory Assessments

Usually, children in Year 1 undergo the Phonics Screening Check in the Summer Term. Children are asked to read 20 real words and 20 ‘pseudo-words’. The children are well prepared through normal English lessons and they are rarely, if ever, aware that the check is taking place. Due to the pandemic, the Phonics Screening Check is in December for Year 2 this year.

In the summer term of Year 2, your child will take statutory SATs in Reading and Maths. We do not teach to the test and we try to ensure that the children do not experience pressure or stress related to the tests. In fact, we try to ensure that as many children as possible are not even aware that they are doing them! They will also be assessed by their teacher (known as the teacher assessment) in the other subjects.

How you can help
If you have any knowledge, skill, or artefacts related to what we are learning in school, then please do get in touch with your child’s teacher. We love having our Parents and Carers come in and help us all to learn!

PPA Cover – All teachers are required by law to have Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) time during the week. This is usually covered by the same person every week to ensure consistency for the children. The PPA cover for this year group will be led by both : Celia Dubner and Katherine Applegarth.

You can find this term’s letter to parents and carers and Topic Plan in the ‘Related Documents’ box to the left of the screen or by clicking below:-

Knowledge Organiser – Puppets v2

Knowledge Organiser – Puppets

MTP Summer 1 2023

Summer Parents letter and topic web 2023