We follow a topic-based approach that allows our children to gain a deep knowledge and understanding of our creative, broad, and balanced curriculum.

Our Curriculum Intent

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We work hard to help our children to achieve fluency in solving calculations and to give them opportunities to develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts so that they can apply them in practical situations. We take a 'Maths Mastery' approach.


We are committed to nurturing a love of reading and developing young writers. We place a strong emphasis on writing and reading for pleasure.

Class Topics

Our topic-based curriculum allows our children to deepen their knowledge and understanding by extending their learning experiences through cross-curricular learning.

Physical Education

Children at Yerbury have access to wide range of sporting activities both during and after school. We work hard to ensure that children are as active as possible.


Yerbury has long been known for it’s Music making. Children compose and perform collaborative pieces regularly...

Homework & PACT

"Children whose parents frequently read with them in their first year of school are still showing the benefit when they are 15" OECD

Foundation Subjects

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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Coronavirus – sources of advice and support Helping children and young people with coronavirus anxiety (Collated by CAMHS) Islington advice for parents  Helping children with bereavement and death     Mental Health and wellbeing Yerbury recognises that all children need the foundation of positive mental...