“Children whose parents frequently read with them in their first year of school are still showing the benefit when they are 15” OECD

We know that our pupils work really hard at school and we acknowledge their down time at home is important for extra-curricular activities, relaxation and family time. Children need undirected time at home and at the weekend to help extend their imaginative play, their creativity and to ensure mental well-being. We do not believe in setting pieces of homework without a purpose, and do not intend homework to be stressful or to put parents or children under pressure. We hope that the homework we set can be a pleasant, shared experience in which parents can be involved with their children’s learning. It can be completed at each child’s own pace and hope that parents feel able to know and say when enough is enough for their child at home, and not let homework overburden them. We strongly believe that homework should add to classroom teaching rather than replace it, and that homework should be used to:

  • Practise things that need on-going repetition and time (such as spellings and times tables)
  • Consolidate, reinforce or extend work covered at school
  • Encourage children to become independent learners who can take responsibility for their learning and organise themselves
  • Remind children that learning does not only take place at school.

For more information information please see our homework Policy