We believe that close contact between home and school is very important in helping children to achieve to the best of their ability.

We encourage all parents and carers to be involved in their child’s education in a number of ways –

You can usually talk to the head teacher at short notice by contacting the school office to see if she is available. Otherwise telephone or call in to make an appointment. You will also be able to catch the head or deputy in the playground at the beginning and end of each day.

In addition to parent times, parents are invited to Open Evenings to meet up with their child’s new teacher and Parent/Teacher Conferences in the Autumn and Spring terms so that they can be as involved as much as possible with their child’s progress and development. Each class will hold a parents’ meeting at the beginning of each school year to explain the aims for the year and to answer any questions.

Many parents and carers come into the school to help, and this is very welcome. It may be to help with reading, drama, cooking, computing, on a visit, etc or to share a particular interest or skill they may have. We also welcome parents at any of the daily assemblies. Please contact the school office or your child’s teacher to volunteer and make arrangements.

On joining Yerbury you will be given a copy of our Home-School Agreement. This lists the key things that both home and school can expect from each other. All parents are expected to sign this Agreement.

All parents automatically become members of the Home-School Association – details below.

The parents’ role as educators is highly valued and parents are given the opportunity to attend sessions in school to learn about aspects of the curriculum and to help their children in the classroom and then at home.

We respectfully encourage parents wherever possible to walk to school with their children and not bring them by car or bike.

Parent Teacher Times

Each week, each teacher has a regular time at the end of the school day to meet with individual parents of children in the class.

Reporting to Parents

Strong links between home and school can only help to improve the educational experiences of our children.

Parents as Educators

Parents and carers are their children’s first educators.

Parent & Family Support

If we think your child may need extra support we will discuss this with you. If you think you or your child needs help or advice of any kind, please speak to your child’s teacher. We have a team of people who work with us at school to support you and your children. Some are in school every day, but some only occasionally.

Learning links

Below are some links to websites containing entertaining and educational activities for you to try at home!

Parent Surveys

We are very keen to constantly improve every aspect of Yerbury School. The views of our parents are, of course, a vitally important part of our improvement efforts.


We hope that the following answers are helpful to you, but if not, please get in touch.