The PTA is an especially valuable aspect of school life – where parents and carers get involved to support the school and its community.

Throughout the school year the YPTA organizes lots of fun and creative events for parents, carers and children – from the big Summer Fair to quiz nights and cake sales – and lends its help to a number of ad-hoc projects at school and in the local community.

Every parent or carer of a child at the school is automatically a member of the Yerbury Parent-Teacher Association and it is led by a committee of volunteers who oversee the running of YPTA’s activities.

There is also a wonderful group of Class Reps who act as an invaluable point of contact and social interaction for parents and carers within each year group and who support the PTA in communication and running of the major fundraising events.

2022-23 PTA Committee Members & Class Reps List are below (scroll down).

As well as Committee roles ranging from Chair Person to Poster Design the YPTA welcomes any help even on an ad-hoc basis and there are lots of smaller ways to get involved which don’t require large time commitments.

If you would like to know more about the PTA, have an idea to share or want to offer your help please contact or, even better, come along to an open meeting.

See YPTA Meetings and YPTA Events for more info on upcoming dates.


YPTA 2022-23 Committee Members


Liam Frost

Lydia Nassima Marref Secretary

Anita Lo

Vanesa Guallar

Mel Edrich

Seeta Peña Gangadharan

Michael Garnett

Joanne Varnava

Tommaso Valletti


Class Reps – 2022-23


Nursery – Sophie Kasriel Hellberg, Carol Katz
Reception D – Bryony Allan
Reception G – Nicole Evangeli
1B – Linda Horbye, Pui-Lai Tsai, Frida von Kirchbach
1O – Cathrin Walczyk
2A – Monia Sassi, Vanesa Guallar
2P – Kate Maxwell, Ellie Beaven
3N – Kirsty McPhee, Michelle Hussey
3J – Sonia Cheung, Jo Rosscoe
4H – Elia Alvarez, Alex Moinier
4A – Jeremy Akerman
5M – Alex O’Connell, Thessa Madden
5R – Laura Eaglesham
6D – Nicki Foster, Holly Hughes
6R – Tanja Murphy, Angel Lucia Yiangou, Juliette Scalbert