Our topic-based curriculum allows our children to deepen their knowledge and understanding by extending their learning experiences through cross-curricular learning.

These are the Topics for each year group at Yerbury.


Nursery have a rolling programme of topics that include ‘My World’, ‘Traditional Stories’, ‘Transport’ ‘Animals’, ‘People who Help us’, ‘Ourselves’.


Autumn Term – All about me
Spring Term – Characters
Summer Term – Splash

Year 1

Autumn: Who Are We? & Toys
Spring: Homes and castles
Summer: Market Day

Year 2

Autumn: London
Spring: Puppets
Summer: Rainforests

Year 3

Autumn: Beginnings – Stone Age
Spring: British Isles Land and Sea
Summer: British Isles – Egyptians

Year 4

Autumn: Active Planet
Spring: Ancient Greece
Summer: Habitats

Year 5

Autumn: Earth & Space
Spring: Vikings & Anglo-Saxons
Summer: Rivers

Year 6

Autumn: World War II in Islington
Spring: The Maya (Mesoamerica)/Fair Trade
Summer: Pitches and Performance