Yerbury is one of a small number of UK schools with the Dyslexia Friendly Schools Mark…

Yerbury has a Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark!


In 2015, Yerbury started a journey to gain recognition for being a dyslexia friendly school. This involved us all in lots of hard work.

Among other things we:

  • had staff training sessions
  • organised our classrooms to help dyslexic learners
  • put Literacy Toolboxes into classrooms
  • had assemblies to help children across the school understand what dyslexia is;
  • had coffee mornings and workshops for parents and governors


After an inspection of all our hard work, in the summer of 2017, the British Dyslexia Association awarded us our first Quality Mark.  We have since been awarded it a second time, in July 2020.


Here it is!



Our work does not stop there. We believe being a Dyslexia Friendly School benefits many learners and not just those children with dyslexia. Therefore, we are aiming to keep our Quality Mark by continuing to work hard and continuing to meet the learning needs of the children in our school.