The YPTA helps fund all kinds of projects from the incredible music & dance provision to enhancing the school’s IT equipment

The YPTA is immensely proud of the effort and generosity of parents, carers and friends of Yerbury in raising funds for the school and surrounding community.  Without it, ambitious and enriching projects like the creation of the Q-Room and the front school playground would not have been possible and, more recently, safeguarding the amazing music and dance activities across the school.

Far-reaching cuts to school budgets make it even more important for the PTA to lend what help it can to Yerbury’s fantastic and committed team of teachers and support staff in providing our children with a nurturing environment in which to flourish.

The YPTA believes passionately that it is not only academic achievements which make our children the wonderful, rounded people that they are, but that their extra-curricular opportunities and surroundings play an important role too. These are the areas where the fundraising of the YPTA can really make a difference.


The Yerbury Foundation & Latest Fundraising

In 2018 The Yerbury Foundation was launched as the fundraising arm of the PTA.  This was to more directly address the implications of funding cuts on the school’s ability to deliver a diverse and enriching education for our children.

Find out more about the Foundation and its fundraising goals on its dedicated page

and keep an eye out for more updates in the weekly newsletter or directly from the PTA. A summary of fundraising priorities is also below.

You can donate to the foundation directly via: CAF Donate (Charities Aid Foundation).

Any donation, large or small, is very much appreciated.

  • £1 a week, or £5 a month, will make a big difference.  After one year this could buy 20 brand new library books!
  • A donation of £5 a week or £20 a month works out at an amazing £300 per year with Gift Aid
  • or even a lunch donor – Every child in Islington currently benefits from free school meals that would normally cost £13 a week or £45 a month (spread over the whole year).  Parents not eligible for free school meals have suggested donating this money directly to the school.

Donations are entirely voluntary and confidential – there is no expectation or requirement for anyone to contribute.  It is recognised that people support the school in so many invaluable ways – not just financial.

Other Ways to Donate

You can also donate through Payroll Giving at work (tax-free) or raise money for the school while you shop online – and it’s free! (Argos, Amazon, John Lewis, M&S, are just a few of the participating shops and there are hundreds).

A couple of very simple ways to raise money for Yerbury – that cost you nothing – are via easyfundrasing and AmazonSmile. Both donate funds to the school as you shop!


Register for free at Then whenever you visit participating online shops you get a pop-up that asks if you want to get a free donation to Yerbury from using that site, you click yes and that’s it!
Sites include John Lewis, Iceland, Abel & Cole, Clarks, Gap, Not on the High Street, Gousto, Skyscanner – the list is enormous.


Yerbury has also now joined AmazonSmile:! AmazonSmile has the same products, prices and shopping experience as the standard Amazon site/App, except that it will donate to Yerbury each time you shop. You just need to use the AmazonSmile URL above and/or make a few tweaks to the Amazon App on your phone (if you use it). Detailed instructions can be found here How To Set Up Amazon Smile.

Please do give these both a try – every penny really does help!

PREVIOUS: Fundraising 2018-20


The money raised in 2018/20 was used to pay for music and dance provision (previously part of the school budget; now no longer covered), IT upgrades (phase 1 of a 5-year plan to overhaul Yerbury’s IT equipment), and nursery, upper and middle floor toilet renovation.

PREVIOUS: Fundraising 2017-18


YPTA fundraising for 2017-18 focused on supporting the school in the provision of life-enriching arts activities and upgrading class-room IT equipment. Extra curricular activities are under increasing pressure from school cuts as is the ability of the school to maintain an expected standard of technology throughout the school to give our teachers and children the essential tools they need for a good education.

PREVIOUS: Fundraising 2016-17


The two main areas targeted for fundraising in the 2016-17 school year were the long overdue refurbishment of the Reception toilets and a drive to replenish the book stocks throughout the school.

Other Projects

The PTA, together with the school, has also identified a list of other projects, which we have been working towards providing funds for. Including Q-Room Furniture, Music Equipment and additional learning tools such as Dyslexia Laptops & Maths Intervention Kits.